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Cahal Pech Village Resort fill vacancies fast using Chompati

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The Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio recently posted an ad for several vacancies on Chompati and received 146 applications in just 24 hours!

The Cahal Pech resort was looking to fill positions for front desk, waiters, tour manager and concierge. With the abundant number of applications that came in using Chompati’s useful platform, Cahal Pech was able to full all positions in three days after a round of interview sessions.

“We posted our ad and were impressed by the number of qualified applicants. We were able to fill the positions in three days which in turn allowed us to continue providing our services to our valued customers. We will not hesitate to use Chompati for all our advertising needs. Chompati really works,” Tanya Silva, Cahal Pech Village Resort CEO said.

Cahal Pech is only one among many Belizean businesses and people discovering that Chompati provides a great platform for businesses and individuals to advertise vacancies, services and products! Anyone looking to advertise a vacancy or service, or simply looking to buy or sell an item can sign up and best of all, Chompati’s service is free!



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