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Hello Body Belize sees instant results using Chompati

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Hello Body Belize, a local company that sells natural skincare and aromatherapy products, has seen instant results after using Chompati to advertise its wide range of organic beauty care items.”Chompati has definitely helped my business. I’ve received calls and emails from customers that have seen the ad on Chompati. Most of the customers have made purchases!” Kendra Griffith, owner of Hello Body Belize said. Griffith was so impressed with the response she got after posting her first ad on Chompati, she has gone on to post another and says she will continue to use Chompati to advertise her dynamic line of beauty care products.

Griffith started Hello Body Belize in her quest to organically treat a skin condition. With no adequate results from expensive commercial products, Griffith began her skincare journey in early 2015. She examined the ingredients in available products and was shocked to find parabens, petrochemicals, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and fragrance, all of which were harmful to her body and contributed even more to her skin condition.

She started only making organic skincare products for herself and family. It started as a hobby of hers, giving gifts to friends. Late 2016, she made the decision to start her own business and Hello Body took off! She made it her goal is to make and create only the healthiest and organic products for people like herself, concerned about the chemicals we put on our skin, which are often absorbed into our bodies’ circulatory system.

Hello Body now offers a variety of skincare, haircare and aromatherapy products. Hello Body’s products are hand-made in small batches using only 100% natural ingredients that have been ethically sourced.

Griffith believes Chompati has exposed her products to an even wider market and intends to continue using Chompati to reach out to new consumers also looking for top quality skin care products. Chompati is free and easy use and is guaranteed to get your products and services the exposure you are looking for. Sign up now!



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